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Food Fest

Fam'Fries - Absolut Food Fest
Fam'Fries - Absolut Food Fest

Absolut Food Festival is one of the biggest food festivals In Malaysia. It was held by Absolut Sdn Bhd to give opportunities for Malaysian Food Entrepreneurs under one roof.

The first time Fam’Fries started to join this event was in 2019 at Shah Alam and Johor Bharu. Since then, we’ve never missed the chance to participate in this event till now. After joining Absolut Food Fest we have learned about the process of event management.  

Fam'Fries - CelebFest Singapore

We are truly honoured to have been invited to Celebfest. The crowd were da-boom! We miss you Singapore , Fam’Fries will be back soon. On this event we have learned to communicate with international organizations, and from our survey, we could see the business opportunities in this lion city. 


Fam’Fries also participated at Celebfest Event at Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore. This was the first time we’ve experienced joining an International Event. 

Fam'Fries - CelebFest Singapore


Fam'Fries -Mood Republik
Fam'Fries -Mood Republik

Mood Republik is an annual event during Ramadan. It is also one of the biggest events in Malaysia, as it can gather around 2000 vendors. 

After this event, we have learned to adapt to different situations as we ran the business on a food truck for the very first time. Fam’fries is not just about fries, we’re about creating memories with our beloved team and customers.



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